About Tank Slapper

The TankSlapper concept is relatively simple.  Assemble some of the best bike brands on the planet and drive an online experience like never seen before in Australia!

As our brand suggests, the TankSlapper offer is for the “serious rider” which by our own definition is someone who owns a road (sports/sports touring) and/or track bike, frequents race tracks (as a rider or with mates), is a motorbike enthusiast and DIY’s most of his/her basic maintenance.

If this is you, then our mission is to provide you with a seriously good online motorbike shopping website and a range of products that are totally relevant.

You won’t find cheap, inferior products on TankSlapper.  Our commitment is to provide the best products available at market leading prices.  In most cases, the products on TankSlapper have been “road-tested” by one of our owners before we list them for sale.

Speaking of the TankSlapper owners; there’s five of us.  All keen motorcyclists, some hardcore riders and some that, well…..aren’t.  We are very much part of the motorcycling community and sponsor over 10 riding clubs nationally and six amateur track day riders.  In addition, we have sponsorships with Peter Dicks and his ZX10R show bike and Aussie racing superstar Josh Waters.

Many websites give lip service to “customer service”.  Well we are serious about it.  You can contact a TankSlapper customer service rep and any time during business hours, either by phone or by email.  If you’re not sure or just have a question, get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.

Ride Serious.  Ride Safe.

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