Starlane s.r.l. was born in 1998 with the aim to develop innovative electronic products in the motor-racing branch. The first projects made are electronic systems for 2 stroke Grand Prix motor bikes; the innovation spirit of the company is so strong that allows it to be the first in producing and selling (year 2000) an Engine Management and Data Acquisition System completely integrated inside the dashboard, such a solution had never been implemented before even on the best factory bikes, the racing results arrived soon and the same solutions has been later chosen by some official makes.

On the basis of the know-how reached, since 2001 Starlane created a new line of devices for sport use being the first in launching on the street bikes market the load cell sensor Quick Shift Kits (till that moment used only on some factory bikes in the GP World Championship) of the Power Shift line and subsequently the Pole Star, D-Star, Stealth and Engear products.