Motorbike 4T Street Race 10W-50

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LIQUI MOLY Motorbike Synthetic 4T SAE 10W-50 is a fully synthetic high performance motor oil, developed for use in air and water-cooled four-stroke motorcycle engines.

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Specially developed for all-season use in street, off-road and racing machines as well as ATVs, scooters and snowmobiles operated under normal to extreme conditions. Fully synthetic base oils in association with the latest additive technology provide for optimum lubrication, excellent engine cleanliness and friction as well as minimal wear under all operating conditions. Motorbike Synth 4T SAE 10W-50 is also well suited for use with either a dry or wet clutch.


  • Optimum lubrication under all operating conditions.
  • Very high shear and aging stability.
  • Guarantees low oil consumption.
  • High wear protection.
  • Tried and tested with exhaust catalytic converters.
  • Highly suitable for wet clutches.
  • Optimum engine cleanliness.
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