Motorbike Leather Suit Care

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Motorbike Leather Combination Care is a treatment emulsion manufactured from high-quality natural and synthetic substances that can be used for handling all types of smooth leather. New leather surfaces are given a silky, lustrous protective layer.

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The structure, feel and elasticity of the leather are maintained and protected from dirt and wear in everyday use. Older and potentially slightly worn leather surfaces become smoother and more supple and are given a silk-matt luster through the use of Motorbike Leather Combination Care. Through regular use of the product, the visual appearance of the leather is enhanced, premature bleaching out is prevented and the service life of the material is prolonged. As Leather Care does not contain any dyes, it can be used on all colored leathers, including very light tones. Supplied in a 250ml container.


  • Maintains the suppleness of leather components.
  • Protects leather components from cracking.
  • Good long-term protection.
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